•  Abby family made in front of home just down the drive from Grandpa John and Grandma Annie's home. Font row: Angus (Boy) Grandma Deaton, Grandma Humphries (Grandpa John Smith's mother), Uncle Thomas (Ned) Trevillion (Grandma Annie's brother)Second row:

  • Second row: Aunt Belle Trevillion Rushing (Grandma Annie's sister), Inez Trevillion Neal (Grandma Annie's sister), Grandma Abrigal (Abby) Trevillion (Grandma Annie's mother), James Thomas (J.T.) Trevillion (Grandma Annie's dad), Aunt Sarah Theresa (Ressa) Trevillion Reynolds (Grandma Annie's sister), Grandma Annie, George Trevillion (Grandma Annie's brother)

Recently, cousin, James Edward Smith, shared some family photos and has given me permission to post.

Annie Elizabeth Trevillion, Smith

Mae Smith (center), wife of Otis Smith
Annie Louise Smith, Humphreys

Louie Jackson and Vida Louvinia Smith, Thomas
 Photo's are credited to Betty Harrigill, Hall (her parental grandparents).

 Annie Smith with her sisters, Inez to her right and Ressa to her left. 
Photo is credited to James E. Smith (his parental grandmother. circa:1903

 John Hiram Smith
Photo is credited to James E. Smith (his parental grandfather.)

John Hiram and Alice Smith

Thomas & Annie Mae Smith
1968 parents of James E. Smith 
photo credited to James 

Johnnie Benton Smith (1907-1962) (son of John Hiram, 
son of James Monroe, son of Wilford)
Photo credited to Linda Monk

 Daniel Smith Family Standing Left to Right-Willie,Pearlie,Tullie,Sid Sitting Left to Right- Dezzie Foy,Nanie Mcdonald, Annie Humphreys, Vernie Dillon (From Ancestry)

This is John Thomas Trevillion and his wife Fransonia Abigail Humphreys (Nov 11 1857-June 5, 1936).  Their daughter Annie married John Hiram Smith, brother to Herbert Smith.  Abigail was the daughter of Steven Humphreys and Sarah Elizabeth Smith.  My grandmother Maggie Humphreys (daughter of Mason) married Johnnie Benton Smith (son of John Hiram).  So those Humphreys/Smith connections go way back. Shared by Linda Monk

J. B. Smith family 1946 in Blue Hill, MS (l-r, Betty Ruth, Johnnie Benton Sr.; Johnnie Benton Jr., Maggie Humphreys; Georgia Marie)  ...shared by Linda M.

Shared by James E. Smith
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Subject: Old Pictures

 Thomas James Smith standing in front of his brand new
       1954 Pontiac

  Annie Mae Beesley and Thomas James Smith standing in their front yard.  I don't have a clue about the date.  That's my parents of course.

Smith, Daniel and Mahalia Emfinger 
 Mary Irene Smith, Prather

Wilford Smith 1794 -1894  

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