Friday, April 27, 2012

Gathering at Trevillion Cemetery

There is a small Cemetery located about one-third of a mile off MS Highway 552, and indicated by a roadside sign and surrounded by a chain link fence. It is called Trevillion Cemetery and decendents meet on the first Saturday in May with preaching and dinner on the grounds. If your like me, Garmin is your friend and I have been told that cellphones signals may not even be picked up. After many questions back and forth to James Smith and researching the internet, I have decided I am going to drive down to Mississippi and walk among this Cemetery where my Grandparents walked and talk to people who remember them.
If your interested in going, here is a map I found on line and directions from James Smith. 
Reunion starts around 10 am on May 5th.

 Go to Fayette, go through the town of Fayette and turn left on Harriston Road, that runs into Hwy. 553 then you'll come to Harriston( that's about 3 miles) turn right on 553 about half mile cross a creek then left on Stonington Road. There are no more turns, just stay on that road, it runs by Trevillion Cemetery.  About a little over a mile after you're on Stonington Road you'll come to a fork to the left that goes to Stonington.  Don't make that turn, just keep straight on Harriston Road and about 5 or so miles you'll come to the Dennis Cross Roads, don't think it's marked, but doesn't matter just keep straight onto Hwy. 552.  There is a sign for Trevillion Cemetery, it's on the blog. From Harriston I think it's about 9 or 10 miles on the right side of the road.

Check out Find a Grave for Smith Memorials in Trevellion Cemetery.

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