Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Pavilion

James Smith shared a funny story with me today that Van Smith told him one time about the pavilion that is at the Trevillion Cemetery.

 This is Van's story...
The old pavilion in the cemetery, where the Thomas J. Smith honorary plaque is posted, was built about 40 years ago by my father, Johnny Harold, my brother J.P. And Van.
The boards on top that the tin is nailed to was hard Oak lumber. J.P. and Johnny were working together on one part and Dad and Van were working together on a different part. Pete and John were complaining about the nails bending and were having a lot of trouble getting the nails to go through the boards enough to hold them to the shed. 
Daddy told Van to go to his truck and he'd find a bar of soap inside his tool box. Van came back with the soap but they didn't tell Pete and John about this. Well, Daddy and Van ran the nails through the bar of soap making the nails slick and they were able to drive their nails right through without any problems. Van yelled over at the other two and mentioned that him and Uncle Tom didn't have any problems driving their nails and just didn't see the problem they we're having. He said, just watch this, taunting him and he would hammer the nails through with ease. They didn't let the secret out right away because they were enjoying watching them wonder for awhile. 
Dad loved doing little things like that for fun.  

A lot of people have sat under that pavilion through the years and know how much it is a blessing to sit on those old church pews and have the shade over our heads. The next time your sitting there. close your eyes a minute and remember that funny side of Van and Tom. 
I cant help but smile as I picture what would have happened if it had rained that day....couldn't you see the bubbles and the looks on their faces?

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