Sunday, May 5, 2013


Due to inclement weather May Day this year, May 04, 2013 wasn't held at the cemetery.  It was raining, windy and the driveway muddy, so the gathering was moved about two miles down the road to Blue Hill Church.  It was a little less than the normal crowd, but about 50 people attended which was a full house in the church. 

Jenna Smith Bearden and Sandra Brown each performed special music.  Brother Burt Brown delivered the message.  The passing of Gerald Smith on 2-20-13, Geraldine Bufkin, 10-07-12, Kenneth Tanksley 10-3-12, Hellen Guedon 3-08-13 and Thomas States Trevillion 4-7-13 were eulogized.

Johnny Harold Smith, Sr., Secretary and Treasurer gave the business report for the cemetery.  Everyone was asked to return next year and bring a guest to help keep the Trevillion Cemetery May Day active and join with us in remembering our ancestors.

For the record, the first grave in the Trevillion Cemetery was Etta Trevillion daughter of Phillip Barnes Trevillion, he buried his daughter on that ridge behind his house.  Later, other family members asked for burial space on that ridge and that began the Trevillion Cemetery.  I'm not sure of the date, but considering her father died in 1862 and she was age 18, she could have been buried in the 1850's perhaps.

MayDay, May 4, 2013 
shared by: James Smith


  1. I really hated that I missed getting to attend this year, despite the weather! In Arizona still but thought about everyone and how much fun I had last year. Thank you for posting this years event. I hope to be there next time.

  2. Love the History given in this post from my wife's cousin, James. Great story also about the wild man.
    James Hall